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As of PDC2009, Microsoft and Soyatec have released a Java SDK for Windows Azure at and so JAzure is now effectively deprecated. The WindowsAzure4J code is much more feature complete and should be regarded as the "official" library for accessing Windows Azure storage from Java from now on.


JAzure is a Java library that provides access to the Microsoft Windows Azure Storage Services API.

It supports the three available cloud storage services in Azure (Blobs, Queues, Tables) to help Java developers to integrate their applications with the storage capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

JAzure is simple to use, have a look at the Tutorial to build your first JAzure application! (Remember that you first must apply for an Azure Storage account to use the live cloud storage).

JAzure is published under the BSD license.

JAzure is developed by Dyaa Albakour and Rob Blackwell at Active Web Solutions Limited.

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